FES / Functional Electrical Stimulation Bike Race

PULSE Racing


About the Team

People with paraplegia do not only have a walking disability and general limitation of mobility, but they are also confronted with other problems such as circulatory problems or increased risk of pressure sores. PULSE Racing wants to address this topic: Through participating in the CYBATHLON we want to make FES better known and above all motivate affected people to use FES.

The Dutch team consists of a group of annually alternating students from the VU University in Amsterdam. The team was founded by students from the Department of Human Movement Science but has since been expanded with students from the fields of human movement sciences, medicine and marketing. PULSE Racing is participating for the second time at the CYBATHLON, the bike has been supplied by Dutch manufacturer BerkelBike. The strengths of this team are that we apply new ideas from the movement sciences to improve FES cycling. Furthermore, we tested different electrode configurations and other stimulation parameters based on muscle characteristics. The combination of movement science and technology makes us special.

About the Pilot

This is Peter, 33 years old. In June 2020, he sustained a spinal cord injury while diving in shallow water.

Sport has always been a great passion of his and has played about every sport you can think of.

This became incredibly difficult after his accident, because with complete paralysis, a lot less is possible. PULSE racing makes it possible for him to work up a sweat again in circumstances where he can contribute something to progress in FES technique so that hopefully many others will also benefit.

About the Device

The BerkelBike is a combination of handcycle and recumbent bikes driven by the power of both arms and legs. If you have limited or no use of your legs, this propulsion system will enable you to support the movement of your legs with the strength of your arms and shoulders. The BerkelBike is characterised by its low weight, great stability, and the fact that it can be customised in length, width, seating height, and angle. Additionally, the BerkelBike can be equipped with a Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) system, enabling you to include your paralysed legs in the movement.


November 13th 2020, 12:00 am

PULSE Racing - Team Portrait

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