CYBATHLON Experience


Offering a platform for the interactive exchange between people with disabilities and the public.

Platform for interactive Exchange

The goal of the CYBATHLON Experiences is to bring assistive technologies closer to the public and enable visitors to gain deeper insights into the advantages and limitations of the technologies for people with disabilities. The format aims to promote interaction with the public at fairs, conferences or festivals.

Various presentation options

A CYBATHLON Experience can include demo races with a limited number of pilots, hands-on demos, and pilots presenting their developments and experiences at booths and panel discussions. Furthermore, novel disciplines can be introduced such as freestyle art shows (e.g. dance, playing a musical instrument, drawing or painting with robotic support) or races in different conditions (e.g. outdoor or off-road).

Demo Races

Demo Races allow teams to promote their technology and their achievements to a broad public by competing against other teams within an exhibition, fair or other public events.

Demo Races focus on the performance in front of the public. Thus, they can be differently defined for each competition. They can include tasks of the original CYBATHLON races or new tasks, depending on the requirements and aim of the championship.

The CYBATHLON Organising Committee will define the rules in cooperation with the local organiser. That means, that races can be repeated several times at an event with the same pilots or teams.

Exoskeleton pilot stacks cups on the table.
Arm prosthesis pilot in coping with kitchen utensils obstacles
Prosthetic leg pilot passes through the obstacle
 Exoskeleton pilot overcomes uneven surfaces
Visitor tries out leg prosthesis.
Wheelchair pilot overcomes stairs
Prosthetic arm pilot puts an object in a box
The research team tests out an exosceleton on the pilot
Wheelchair pilot on uneven terrain

Hands-on Demos

Hands-on demos were developed in order to convey the idea behind the CYBATHLON to the public. Guests have the opportunity to get to know modern assistive technology up close and to develop a feeling for the limits and possibilities of such systems.

The different demonstrations are based on the disciplines of the CYBATHLON and will be supported by our partner PluSport, the umbrella organisation for disability sports in Switzerland, and the CYBATHLON organisers.

Visitors test the BCI headset at CYBATHLON event

Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) Race

Up to four persons can compete simultaneously, each wearing a headset to measure their brain activity. To win the BCI race, the player has to be able to control concentration and relaxation within the brain.
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Electrodes are stuck to the arm of a visitor.

Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) Bike Race

Electrodes are attached to the visitor’s arm. These electrodes will send an impulse that makes the muscle contract and triggers an arm movement.
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Child tries to grip an object on the table with gloves

Arm Prosthesis Race

To create an authentic experience, visitors are asked to hands or use a robotic arm prosthesis. The challenge will be to grab different objects of a puzzle or to complete the wire loop game.
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So-called bent-knee prosthesis is attached to the thigh of a visitor.

Leg Prosthesis Race

With the so-called bent-knee prosthesis that is fixed at the thigh, visitors without amputations can try to walk with a leg prosthesis and learn what challenges people with leg prostheses face.
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Visitor with manual wheelchair

Wheelchair Race

In this demonstration, visitors can test how difficult it is to navigate even small steps or easy ramps.
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Visitors try to control an exoskeleton with electrodes on their arms.

Exoskeleton Race

By sensing the muscular activity with electrodes placed on the skin, e.g. at the biceps, skilled visitors can control the movement of a small exoskeleton. This demonstrates a potential interface that can be used to control assistive devices.
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The following partners support the CYBATHLON Hands-​on demos

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