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Module Overview

All modules can be ideally combined. The price is reduced for multiple runs or module combinations on the same day.

Teacher and class in the ethics module

Ethics and Community – 1 Lesson

This module is ideal as preparation and can be carried out independently by the teacher. Students will be confronted with the opportunities and challenges of technological assistance systems and their impact on individuals and society.

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Boy tries to drive over ramp in wheelchair

Movement and Sports - 2 Lessons

In this module, students gain alternative movement experiences by solving tasks with prosthetic legs and arms, riding in wheelchairs, or completing a course blindfolded. The courses consist of everyday tasks that show how much of a challenge they can be for people with disabilities. In addition to the coaches, the students are supervised by ambassadors who themselves have a disability. These ambassadors support the students with tips and tricks. Afterwards, they lead a discussion round, talk about their everyday lives and answer questions that one would otherwise not dare to ask.
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Mind-Up game

Mind up

The card game Mind Up will be given away free of charge after the workshop. It is ideal for follow-up work and addresses many topics again. It conveys knowledge about the inclusion of people with disabilities and creates a basis for discussion about ethical issues.
The students are once again confronted with the barriers of people with disabilities. In the long run, the game should help to contribute to a change in thinking and to equality.
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Laughing girl
Girl is smiling while driving in wheelchair
Pupils test the electrodes
Pupils listen to a lecture
Pupils doing a task
Children solving a task with the help of a prosthetic arm
Children looking at a device
Girl is smiling while driving in wheelchair
Pupils look at and test the Flexo device
A pupil who raises his thumb
girl runs with prosthetic leg
Primary school pupils try to master the wheelchair course
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