ARM / Arm Prosthesis Race



About the Team

We are a group of young and passionate researchers from the Suzhou Institute of Biomedical Engineering and Technology (SIBET) in China. Our team members come from the fields of materials science and robotics, focusing on prosthetic hand design, myoelectric control and electronic skin. Through the Cybathlon platform, we hope to showcase our efforts to tangibly improve the daily lives of amputees.

About the Pilot

Min Xu lost her right hand in an accident at the age of 20, but she is a strong, enthusiastic and kind-hearted woman. Through her efforts, she runs a restaurant and is actively involved in activities related to helping disabled people. When she received the invitation to participate as a pilot in the Cybathlon competition, she was happy to do so, and saying "it's not just to help me, but hopefully to help more people with amputations as well".

About the Device

We have designed a hybrid controlled arm prosthesis which combines the precision of a body power source with the strength of a motor power source. Importantly, we are working on the integration of a self-developed electronic skin with the hand to better perceive the environment. Input control sources include myoelectric control and body-machine interfaces, and it also adds feedback to the prosthetic hand in the form of auditory and visual feedback.

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