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ExoAtlet Asia

South KoreaSouth Korea

About the Team

Team ExoAtlet Asia is participating for the first time in CYBATHLON. ExoAtlet Medy is the name of the device they have been developing since 2016. “Two years after starting to work on it, it was certified and we were able to distribute it to national hospitals,” team manager Hee-Jung Yoo says. His team partners with the GyeongGi Spinal Cord Injury Association. ExoAtlet Medy can execute four commands: sitting, standing, walking and climbing stairs. They can be activated by remote control on the crutches. Hee-Jung Yoo knows which one of the tasks is the most difficult for Lee Dong Hui and ExoAtlet Medy: “Rough Terrain is the biggest challenge for us because the obstacles are placed irregularly.”


About the Pilot

“Robot” is the name Lee Dong Hui gave to the exoskeleton with which he is training for CYBATHLON. "Before I used the robot, I sat in a wheelchair and felt insecure. I lost a lot of muscle strength in my lower back, but since I started using the exoskeleton, I developed a lot of core muscles. I feel much more secure and confident now." says the Korean. He is paralyzed after a pleural effusion and a tumor in the spinal cord. He found to the exoskeleton through a video where paraplegics trained with it: "It interested me, I wanted to try it as well and compete against them. That's why I now train with them regularly and I even became a participant in CYBATHLON."


November 13th 2020, 12:00 am

ExoAtlet Asia - Team Portrait

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