ARM / Arm Prosthesis Race



About the Team

Bionicohand is a collaborative project led by the My Human Kit Association (NPO). The team includes amputees, schools, companies, makers and research centres located in different regions of France (INRIA, Orthopus, Saint Aubin La Salle, J-F Tech, OPR...). Most of the people are volunteering or working with the My Human Kit Association.

About the Pilot

Nicolas Huchet had a working accident in 2002 and has been a myoelectric hand user since. He is the creator, pilot and project leader of the Bionicohand project which consists of the invention of an open-source myohand, made through collective intelligence and open-source innovation process. Nicolas is the co-creator of My Human Kit Association, a fablab dedicated to disabilities. He was recognized as the MIT Social Innovator -35 France in 2015.

About the Device

Bionicohand is a myohand, an upper limb myoelectric prosthetic device working with 2 electrodes for below elbow amputee. The hand is capable of 2 grasps through a thumb abduction and with only one single motor: opposition and lateral grasps. The hand is anthropomorphic with high speed and grasping force. The first functional prototype (video below) has validated the mechanism and the main principle, and a second prototype will be out in mid-2023. Bionicohand works with 2 EMG electrodes, a battery system, a switch on/off and a socket that will be used as a human device interface.



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