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BionIT Labs


About the Team

BionIT Labs is a Medtech Italian company working in the field of Human-Machine Integration and we apply IT to Bionics with the aim of ‘Turning Disabilities into New Possibilities’.

The story of BionIT Labs® begins with Adam's Hand®, the World’s First Fully-Adaptive Bionic Hand: an innovative prosthetic hand designed for people who lost their limbs due to traumatic injuries or congenital diseases.

The idea came up to Giovanni Zappatore, the BionIT Labs®’ CEO and founder, who, after studying problems and limits of currently available prosthetic devices, looked for a solution, turning his degree thesis into a Startup.

With this goal in mind, he involved his co-founders Matteo Aventaggiato, biomedical engineer, and Federico Gaetani, IT engineer, and together they founded BionIT Labs®, thanks to the funding of PIN – Pugliesi Innovativi call for proposals.

Since then, other 27 members - mechanical, information, biomedical engineers, business and finance experts, a legal consultant, sales & marketing, communication and graphic professionals - joined the Team of BionIT Labs, attracted by the high potential of the Adam’s Hand® project.

We strongly believe that it’s our responsibility to breathe life into Innovative Technologies that can concretely improve people’s quality of life, thus creating a more accessible and equitable world.

About the Pilot

Salvatore loves the sea, and even though he works on the family farm, he always finds a way to dedicate whole days to underwater fishing, his greatest passion.

Salvatore’s life has changed in the last 4 years: after a car accident he had to undergo the amputation of his left forearm, due to the injuries sustained.

Before the Adam's Hand, he was looking for a robust, waterproof prosthesis with a robotic appearance that guaranteed high precision in movement.

He has followed the growth path of the company and of the device since its creation, also participating in international events and fairs as a user and ambassador of the Adam's Hand.

About the Device

Adam’s Hand® is the world’s first fully-adaptive bionic hand and it provides users with the confidence they need to express their full potential.

It was born to simplify the patient’s life, by completely eliminating the main difference between poli-articulated and tridigital hands: the choice of grip patterns - that’s the reason why the Adam's Hand® is the First of its Kind.

No complex muscle contraction triggers are needed to switch among several grips: patients only need to open and close the Adam's Hand®, and all the fingers will flex together, automatically adapting to grasped objects’ shape and size.

This way, patients learn quickly and in an extremely intuitive way how to use the device and this results in the most natural control they can experience using a poli-articulated hand: the prosthesis becomes an extension of the users’ own body, facilitating the embodiment of the device actually improving people quality of life.

Our device is highly anthropomorphic and designed with the user’s well-being in mind with enhanced biomimetic performance, human-like grasping behavior, and IP67 dust & water resistance.



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