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The Swiss Paraplegic Foundation in Nottwil (Canton Lucerne) supports people with spinal paralysis with a holistic and globally unique network of services - starting at the site of the accident or at the time of illness-related diagnosis, throughout their lives.

The Foundation's vision is a world in which people with spinal paralysis can lead a self-determined life in the best possible health. Since its foundation in 1975, several thousand people with spinal paralysis have found their way back to an active and happy life.

With almost 1.9 million members, the Swiss Paraplegic Foundation is one of the largest non-profit solidarity organisations in Switzerland. With your membership fee, you support people in wheelchairs. As a member, you receive a one-time payment of 250,000 Swiss francs if you are permanently dependent on a wheelchair after an accident.

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January 10th 2023, 8:55 am

Lea's life changed in one fell swoop

Das Velo shows the essential stages that somebody with paraplegia goes through after an accident in order to regain an independent life.

January 10th 2023, 9:11 am

Life of wheelchair users from their perspective

At Eye Level was filmed at the eye level of wheelchair users. Immerse yourself in the daily routine of wheelchair users in Vietnam, Mexico, Tehran, New York, Greece and Switzerland.


A caregiver instructs a patient | © Swiss Paraplegic Foundation
A caregiver helps a exoskeleton user | © Swiss Paraplegic Foundation
a wheelchair user catching a train | © Swiss Paraplegic Foundation
A wheelchair user in a car | © Swiss Paraplegic Foundation
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