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The Swiss specialist for quality drives

maxon develops and builds precise electric drives that are among the best in the world. Brushed and brushless DC motors, gearheads, sensors and controllers as well as complete mechatronic systems. maxon drives are used wherever the requirements are particularly high: for example, in NASA rovers on Mars, in surgical power tools, humanoid robots and high-precision industrial applications. To stay ahead in this demanding market, the company invests a large part of its turnover in research and development. 


Drive specialist maxon has supported the CYBATHLON from the very beginning. "We believe that outstanding and curious engineers can make the world a better place." Eugen Elmiger, CEO maxon Group.
Without hesitation, maxon joined for the third event - as a Gold Partner. They not only share the mission of improving people's quality of life. But also, the unbroken will of cutting-edge technology. Their motors, gearheads and controllers have been used in prostheses, exoskeletons and wheelchairs for years. By working closely with CYBATHLON and the participating teams, maxon learns what the market will place on their products and thus, prepare themselves for the future.


Anyone who (has) followed the CYBATHLON competitions will notice that maxon drives and controllers are used in numerous devices. Sometimes it is not so obvious, as the devices can be hidden. Nevertheless, they are there and do their job accurately, as you would expect from a reliable partner.

For Roland Sigrist, Head of CYBATHLON, something is especially important: "At CYBATHLON, the teams are not only fighting for victory, but also for progress in assistive technologies for people with disabilities." And this is exactly where the partnership with maxon is essential. Of the 50 teams taking part in 2020, every fourth team used maxon products. Five of them even secured a place on the podium. A great success for maxon.
maxon is very proud to be a partner of such an important project, which is now entering its third round.

maxon and CYBATHLON set new standards together for the future of assistive technology and continue to move people and technology - for a world without barriers

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November 17th 2022, 3:26 pm

maxon Core Story

Precision Drive Systems for outstanding technicians with the curiosity to make the existing even better.

November 17th 2022, 3:26 pm

60 Years of Excellence

For more than 60 years, maxon has focused on customer-specific solutions, quality and innovation.

November 17th 2022, 3:26 pm

maxon Young Engineers Program

maxon supports engineers in their innovative projects with electric drive systems and technical expertise.


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