Setting Up Your CYBATHLON 2024 Team Hub: A Comprehensive Guide

15th May 2024
CYBATHLON Challenges Venue setting up | © CYBATHLON

CYBATHLON Challenges Venue setting up


Are you ready to be part of an extraordinary event that merges cutting-edge technology with human ingenuity and determination? CYBATHLON 2024 is just around the corner, offering an unparalleled platform for showcasing assistive technology and promoting inclusion on a global scale. As you gear up to participate, whether as a competitor or a supporter, setting up a Team Hub could be your gateway to an immersive and impactful experience.

What is a Team Hub?

Team Hubs serve as local competition venues for CYBATHLON events, bringing the thrill and excitement of the competition to diverse communities worldwide. While the central hub is located in Zurich, Switzerland, teams have the option to participate remotely by organising their own official CYBATHLON Team Hub.

CYBATHLON Challenges Venue Setting Up | © CYBATHLON

CYBATHLON Challenges Venue Setting Up


Advantages of Setting Up a Team Hub

Setting up a Team Hub offers numerous advantages, both for the participating teams and the local community:

Enhanced Visibility: Invite local media, sponsors, and partners to witness the competition firsthand, amplifying your university or company's presence on a global stage.

Community Engagement: Foster a sense of inclusion and awareness by hosting an event focused on assistive technology and accessibility.

Optimised Training: Simulate competition conditions closely, allowing teams to fine-tune their strategies and optimise their performance.

Sustainability: Contribute to a sustainable CYBATHLON by reducing emissions associated with travel.

CYBATHLON Challenges Broadcasting | © CYBATHLON

CYBATHLON Challenges Broadcasting


Requirements for Your Team Hub

To ensure fair competition and seamless broadcasting, there are specific requirements that your Team Hub must meet:

Venue Booking: Secure a venue for at least five days, accommodating the competition as well as test sessions.

General Setup: Allocate space for the competition infrastructure, team management, interviews, and audience engagement.

Competition Infrastructure: Set up the tasks according to CYBATHLON guidelines, ensuring adherence to specified dimensions and materials.

IT Infrastructure: Ensure stable internet connectivity for live streaming and communication with the CYBATHLON mission control center.

Broadcasting: Film the competition using approved setups and transmit live signals to CYBATHLON headquarters.

Branding: Display CYBATHLON branding prominently, along with logos of partners and sponsors, following designated guidelines.

CYBATHLON 2024 Race Course | © CYBATHLON

CYBATHLON 2024 Race Course



CYBATHLON Event Venue Set Up


Test Sessions and Staffing

CYBATHLON will conduct test sessions with your team to assist with venue setup, infrastructure, and technical equipment. Additionally, you will need a dedicated team to manage the hub, film the competition, provide IT support, and ensure safety during the event.

Funding Opportunities

Financial support is available for teams from universities and non-profit organisations to cover expenses related to participation, including venue rental and technical equipment. Funding amounts are determined based on various factors, including the team's discipline and location.

Get Involved Today!

As CYBATHLON 2024 approaches, seize the opportunity to be part of this groundbreaking event. Whether you're a university team, a non-profit organisation, or a passionate advocate for inclusivity, setting up a Team Hub allows you to showcase your commitment to innovation and accessibility on a global platform.

For more information and to get involved, visit the CYBATHLON website and explore the resources available to teams and supporters. Together, let's push the boundaries of assistive technology and empower individuals with disabilities to reach new heights of achievement.

Contact: Do you have any questions about setting up a team hub?

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Join us in shaping a future where barriers are broken, and possibilities are limitless. CYBATHLON 2024 awaits – are you ready to make history?

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