The CYBATHLON Challenges 2024: Schedule and Races

23rd January 2024
CYBATHLON Arm Prosthesis Race Challenges 2022 | © CYBATHLON

CYBATHLON Arm Prosthesis Race Challenges 2022


Get ready for a technological spectacle like never before! The countdown has begun, and the program is set for the third CYBATHLON Challenges. The teams will start their races in Zurich and local hubs on 2 February 2024. Brace yourselves as 20 teams from 10 different countries showcase cutting-edge assistive technologies in six of eight disciplines. Don't miss the excitement of the event, featuring renowned commentator Patrick Winterton and expert insights and commentary from heads of disciplines – Adrian, Giulia, Felix, Laura and Ingrid.

Only a week to go for the much-awaited third CYBATHLON Challenges. The highly anticipated event is set to take place on 2 February 2024, in Zurich and various local hubs worldwide. Twenty teams worldwide will participate in this build-up event to CYBATHLON 2024, showcasing cutting-edge assistive technologies across six out of eight disciplines. The unique feature of this year's challenges is that the discipline tasks will be executed simultaneously with a minute difference in starting times.

This event serves as a build-up to CYBATHLON 2024, the third edition scheduled for October 2024, where teams will compete in the same disciplines to address real-world challenges faced by persons with disabilities.

The event schedule includes various heats throughout the day, starting at 11:00 CET with the ARM Prosthesis Race (Heat 1) and concluding with the Assistance Robot Race (Heat 2) at 18:15 CET. The final schedule for the Challenges is now available. The entire event will be live-streamed on

The Detailed Programme

Friday, 2 February 2024

11:05 CET – ARM Prosthesis Race (Heat 1)

11:25 CET – Wheelchair Race (Heat 1)

11:45 CET – ARM Prosthesis Race (Heat 2)

12:00 CET – Wheelchair Race (Heat 2)

12:15 CET – FES Bike Race (Heat 1)

12:45 CET – Vision Assistance Race (Heat 1)

13:00 CET– Vision Assistance Race (Heat 2)

16:00 CET – ARM Prosthesis Race (Heat 3)

16:15 CET – Brain-Computer Interface Race (Heat 1)

16:45 CET – Assistance Robot Race (Heat 1)

17:15 CET – FES Bike Race (Heat 2)

17:45 CET – ARM Prosthesis Race (Heat 4)

18:00 CET – Brain-Computer Interface Race (Heat 2)

18:15 CET – Assistance Robot Race (Heat 2)

 Host and Co-commentators

Renowned commentator Patrick Winterton will host the event, bringing his extensive experience from over three decades as the lead Nordic commentator at Eurosport. Heads of Disciplines, including Adrian Esser, Laura Mayrhuber, Ingrid Odermatt, Felix Erb, and Giulia Amos, will provide expert commentary in their respective fields, highlighting their contributions and background information to the field of assistive technology and neuroscience.

20 Teams at 11 Hubs

The CYBATHLON Challenges in February will feature the participation of 20 teams hailing from 10 different countries, competing across 11 local hubs. Teams from diverse locations, including Zurich, Italy, Hungary, The Netherlands, Ireland, Brazil, China, and Japan, will vie for success in 6 CYBATHLON disciplines. More specifically, the races include the Arm Prosthesis Race with 4 teams, the Functional Electrical Stimulation Bike Race with 4 teams, the Vision Assistance Race with 4 teams, the Assistance Robot Race with 3 teams, the Wheelchair Race with 2 teams, and the Brain-computer Interface Race with 3 teams. Each team will receive four tasks based on the 2024 Races and Rules, with two attempts for completion, except for the FES Bike Race, where pilots get only one attempt. The primary goal is task completion, with completion time serving as a secondary factor.


As the clock ticks down to the third CYBATHLON Challenges, anticipation is reaching its peak. From the ARM Prosthesis Race to the Assistance Robot Race, witness the prowess of 20 international teams competing across 11 hubs. With the entire event live-streamed, guided by the expertise of Patrick Winterton and discipline heads, this prelude promises a riveting glimpse into the future of assistive technology. The CYBATHLON Challenges on February 2, 2024, not only set the stage for a thrilling showdown but also pave the way for CYBATHLON 2024 – a global symphony of innovation scheduled for October. Don't miss the chance to witness breakthroughs in technology that redefine possibilities and bring us closer to a more inclusive future.

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