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VariLeg enhanced is more than a walking device for paraplegics. “Our goal is to realize an innovative and functional racing exoskeleton”, explains professor Christian Bermes who leads the project. This program had been launched by EHT and HSR Rapperswil after CYBATHLON 2016. 15 students from different fields are devoting two semesters to further develop the exoskeleton in close cooperation with the two pilots. "We wanted to become lighter and have more power in the drives, that's what distinguishes us," explains Christian who is also the team manager. “In addition, the gait trajectory was adapted to comfortably compensate for the unevenness of the obstacles on the CYBATHLON course. The exoskeleton is personalized to our two pilots, so they can control it independently. Their feedback and close cooperation are helpful and central to us." Will the two pilots with the racing exoskeleton really be faster than the others? CYBATHLON will tell.

Pilot - Thomas Krieg

"We are like one big family, I think that's what makes us special," says Thomas Krieg from a Swiss village called Ermenswil. But the foreman also has a very competitive and performance-oriented side, which probably comes from his professional career as a bobsleigh racer. "In 2015 I got overturned in a training on the bob run. Since then I’m a paraplegic from the 12th thoracic vertebra downwards.” In his everyday life he uses a wheelchair, but he trains once or twice a week with the exoskeleton on a replicated course. When Thomas speaks about CYBATHLON one can sense the former pro athlete: “We have a fast and stable machine that offers many technical possibilities.”

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