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To break down barriers between the public, people with disabilities and technology developers, and to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities, CYBATHLON organizes various events and initiates projects.



The main driver of CYBATHLON is a unique competition in which people with disabilities compete against each other to complete everyday tasks using state-of-the-art technical assistance systems.

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The CYBATHLON Symposium brings together leading experts and young researchers to present and discuss current technological advances in assistance systems in the disciplines of CYBATHLON.

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Arm prosthesis pilot opens can


The CYBATHLON Series drive the worldwide scientific exchange and significantly promote the discussion about disabilities and assistive technologies. Each CYBATHLON Series focuses on one of the CYBATHLON disciplines.

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Wheelchair pilot on uneven terrain

CYBATHLON Experience

The goal of the CYBATHLON Experiences is to bring assistive technologies closer to the public and enable visitors to gain deeper insights into the advantages and limitations of the technologies for people with disabilities.

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The CYBATHLON @school project offers teaching modules on the topics of inclusion and robotics in various subjects. The project seeks to make teachers, children and young people more aware of the everyday challenges faced by those with disabilities, and to promote inclusion. Individuals with a disability have helped to develop the teaching modules and also assist in presenting them at school. The modules are aligned with curriculum 21.

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Related Projects and Initiatives

Competence Centre for Rehabilitation Engineering and Science (RESC) at ETH Zurich

RESC at ETH Zurich is an interdisciplinary network of experts from the science community, industry and service providers, policy makers, and individuals living with a physical disability. RESC is committed to a holistic approach towards rehabilitation. This ranges from prevention, to therapy and assistance to inclusion. The center promotes interdisciplinary research and exchange, establishes educational programmes, and facilitates knowledge transfer. RESC coordinates and strengthens the ETH Rehab-Initiative.

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Barrier-Free at ETH Zurich

In autumn 2020, the Executive Board of ETH Zurich gave the green light to the implementation of the barrier-​free project: over the course of the next few years, people with physical limitations or special needs should benefit from greatly improved access to ETH buildings and services. The cornerstone of the ETH-​wide implementation programme is the institutional approach to the issue and the establishment of an open and welcoming culture. The proposed measures will be implemented in 14 sub-​projects under three categories: “Construction”, “Technology” and “Organisation”.

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HackaHealth is a community that supports the development of personalised solutions for people with disabilities, in order to improve their daily living. HackaHealth deeply believes in the power of togetherness, and fighting disability through inclusion - not only function. The community cultivates play, sharing, openness, and designing with a purpose. They live through annual hackathons, a university course at EPFL, and through online resources that can be openly remixed and hacked.

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