Concept and Goals


CYBATHLON aims to break down barriers between the public, people with disabilities and technology developers and promote the inclusion of people with disabilities.


Millions of people with disabilities use technical assistance systems in their everyday lives. These technologies often lack practical features, which disappoints users. This disappointment results from the fact that new technologies are either not being used and not even accepted in the first place. In addition barriers in the public environment often make the use of assistance technologies cumbersome or even impossible.

Awoken by these observations the CYBATHLON aims to serve as a platform to drive forward research on assistance systems for everyday use, and to promote dialogue with the public. Technology developers should have the opportunity to exchange ideas and collaborate closely with people with physical disabilities as they develop their devices.

Under the umbrella of the ETH Zurich, the CYBATHLON is run as a non-​profit project, which aims to break down barriers between the public, people with disabilities and technology developers by organizing unique competitions. The competitions are organized as a public event.


  • Promoting research, development and implementation of assistive technology for people with disabilities
  • Building a common platform for technology developers, people with disabilities, and the general public
  • Informing the public and stimulating discussion on inclusion and equality of people with disabilities in everyday life
  • Removing barriers between the general public, the users and the developers


  • ARM

    Powered Arm Prosthesis Race

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  • BCI

    Brain-Computer Interface Race

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  • Exoskeleton pilots congratulate each other


    Powered Exoskeleton Race

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  • FES

    Functional Electrical Stimulation Bike Race

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  • LEG

    Powered Leg Prosthesis Race

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  • WHL

    Powered Wheelchair Race

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