Powered Wheelchair Race

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In this race, pilots with motorised wheelchairs will compete on parallel tracks against each other to overcome six obstacles that are typical in daily life. The main challenge lies in the pilots’ ability to tackle a wide variety of tasks.


For people who use a wheelchair on a regular basis, everyday situations can often be a struggle. Entering a building with thresholds or narrow doorways, uneven pavements, steep slopes or low tables can massively impact someone’s day-to-day routines. The Cybathlon wants to encourage teams to come up with innovative solutions to cope with these challenges.

Pilots with different kinds of spinal cord injuries or any other severe trauma preventing them from walking can participate in the races. Motorised wheelchairs that are controlled by a joystick, tongue-drive, touchpad or any other technology are allowed in this race.

Please see our race rules (PDF, 4.3 MB) for a comprehensive description of the race track or our team pages to see who will be competing in the Powered Wheelchair race.

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