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Cybathlon 2016

The Cybathlon highlights and videos from all the disciplines in HD quality can be found in the Video Gallery.

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Cybathlon 2016: Highlights
Silvio Stucki welcomes Cybathlon pilots at the Zurich Airport. For three days, he will be assisting as a volunteer at the Cybathlon.
Arrival of Cybathlon pilots: Team Cleveland is excited. The two friends and wheelchair athletes Mark Muhn and Michael McClellan want to enjoy a great time together in Switzerland.
Team IHMC from Florida is assembling the exoskeleton. Ignoring the jetlag, the scientific team IHMC starts immediately to build up their exo skeleton.


In mid-July 2015, ETH Zurich hosted a Cybathlon practice session, at the SWISS Arena in Kloten, Zurich. The following trailers were created from footage and interviews filmed at that event:

Cybathlon 2016

BCI Race

FES Bike Race

Powered Arm Prosthesis Race

Powered Leg Prosthesis

Powered Exoskeleton Race

Powered Wheelchair Race

Please include the image reference “ETH Zurich” with each image.

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