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Cybathlon - Moving people and technology

Experience a world première on Saturday, 8 October 2016, in the SWISS Arena in Kloten: ETH Zurich is organising the very first Cybathlon! Individuals with physical disabilities will compete side by side in six demanding disciplines, using the latest assistive technologies.

You can watch the athletes as they tackle flights of stairs in the new wheel chairs and prove their speed and skill using the most up-to-date modern prostheses. The various races test how the competitors cope with specific challenges and activities from everyday life. There are races for athletes with powered arm and leg prostheses, for those wearing a robotic exoskeleton and for powered wheelchairs. There’s also a race for cyclists using electrical muscle stimulation and even a brain-computer interface race.

Cybathlon provides a platform for the development of novel assistive technologies that are useful for daily life. Through the organisation of the Cybathlon we want to remove barriers between people with disabilities, the public and technology developers.

Cybathlon News


Cybathlon experts headed to Rio

If, like us, you’ve been watching the announcements of the teams for the Rio Paralympics closely, you might have spotted some familiar names and faces. Three of our experts who have been working with us to set up the Cybathlon and will be on hand during the event have been selected to represent their countries. Read more


Cybathlon Pep Rally - Japan

Tokyo played host to a pep rally for the three Japanese Cybathlon teams. Read more


Meet the Tech Teams: Touch Bionics

Rolanas Balcaitis is CPO at Touch Bionics and is he is head of tech support on the Cybathlon team.   Read more


Expert: Alex Oberholzer

"It is important for people with disabilities to step into the limelight." Read more


Dr. Thomas Heiniger:  Head of Department of Health, Canton Zurich

"Cybathlon brings together technology and people’s fascination with it."
Read more

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