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Opening up the theme of disability and assistive technology for discussion worldwide, deepening knowledge within specific disciplines, and promoting scientific exchange worldwide are just some of the drivers behind the CYBATHLON Series.

In cooperation with universities
Individual races will be organised in cooperation with universities worldwide. One race per discipline is planned for 2018 and 2019 with races taking place all around the globe.

Team Registration

Team Registration for upcoming races at CYBATHLON Experiences or CYBATHLON Series will soon be opened. If you are interessed in participating or would like to have further information, send an email to

Single discipline show races
Driving technological advancements is one of the main goals of the new event format within the CYBATHLON: the CYBATHLON Series.  

The CYBATHLON Series will not serve as qualification races per se, but will be planned in close cooperation with the Cybathlon organisers. As before, teams who wish to participate in Cybathlon 2020 must ensure that their pilots and technologies are fully integrated and that the technology is completely fit and safe for purpose. Participation in the CYBATHLON Series serves as a proof of meeting the competition criteria.

Associated scientific symposium
To offer technology developers and researchers the opportunity to showcase their research and development, an integrated symposium will be organised by the hosting university as part of the CYBATHLON Series. These symposia serve as an international platform for the hosting university along with the participating teams and researchers from universities or industries around the world.

More about the CYBATHLON Series

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