CYBATHLON at XPOMET Convention 2018


The CYBATHLON Co-Directors Roland Sigrist and Dario Wyss will give a presentation at the XPOMET convention 2018 for innovation and high-tech in medicine. The convention will take place in Leipzig in Germany, 21.-23. March 2018.

CYBATHLON presentation in medical field

CYBATHLON Co-Directors will give a presentation about the CYBATHLON, which was successfully launched 2016 as an international event in which people with disabilities or physical weakness use advanced assistive devices, including robotic technologies, to compete against each other. 66 pilots assisted by 400 team members in 56 teams from 25 nations, participated in six different disciplines. The disciplines were the ‘Brain-Computer Interface Race’, ‘Functional Electrical Stimulation Bike Race, ‘Powered Arm Prosthesis Race’ ‘Powered Leg Prosthesis Race’, ‘Powered Exoskeleton Race’, and ‘Powered Wheelchair Race’, all focusing on solving tasks of everyday life.

The success of the premiere was the final push to convince the organising committee and the heads of ETH Zurich that the CYBATHLON must continue, also under the umbrella of ETH Zurich. This continuation will come in 2020, but this time the Cybathlon will be planned as a two-day event. Although the event will take place in the vicinity of Zurich, the exact location will be confirmed at a later date.

XPOMET: Medicine - Convention

Innovative topics need an innovative format – with five stages, a trend-setting innovation congress, the Future Health Exhibition, a sophisticated startup area and numerous networking features is the XPOMET© Convention a unique international network of innovation in the DACH market.

The focus of the event is on companies, institutions and individuals who are a driving force in the development of the entire medical field. The convention is aimed towards all stakeholders in the healthcare sector, particularly doctors, nurses, medical institutions, the protagonists of medical engineering, the modern pharmacy as well as biotechnology and students.

The further development of medicine lies in the gathering and combining of a variety of disciplines. The XPOMET© Convention aims to inspire not only with its themes, but also to create a platform for new ideas and partnerships. The focus is not only on the question what will be possible in the next few years, but also what is necessary and which interdisciplinary connections must be created for it.

Medicine is a special science with a unique circle of people. The XPOMET© Convention is a gathering of these people, independent of specific subject areas and the thematic restrictions that accompany them. Here, medical professionals, nursing staff, technicians and managers can meet and connect. Colleagues experience and talk about innovations in medicine, which make us all wonder.

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