CYBATHLON Experience at REHACARE 2017 in Dusseldorf


At this years REHACARE from 04.-07. October 2017 in Dusseldorf, a CYBATHLON Experience will take place. Several show races will be organised in two disciplines: Powered Wheelchair Race and Powered Exoskeleton Race

Pilot in wheelchair on a ramp
Pilot with Exoskeleton walking over rough terrain

ETH Zurich, in cooperation with REHACARE, is currently organising a CYBATHLON Experience, a new event format around the CYBATHLON concept. During this event in Dusseldorf, visitors to the fair will be able to better understand uses and limitations of assistive technologies for people with disabilities. In addition, CYBATHLON is pursuing two of its main objectives: promoting inclusion of people with disabilities and raising public awareness.

In show hall 4, show races will take place, whereby people with physical disabilities will compete supported by advanced assistive robotic systems. One race track for wheelchairs and one for exoskeletons will be provided. At the competitions, exhibitors at REHACARE can also participate with pilots - as the CYBATHLON participants are called.

The Cybathlon Premiere in 2016
The CYBATHLON was successfully implemented by ETH Zurich for the first time in October 2016. In Kloten near Zurich, Switzerland, 4,600 visitors attended a packed-out arena and enthusiastically followed the competitions between 66 international pilots from 25 countries with their technical teams in six disciplines. The second edition of the CYBATHLON will take place in Zurich in 2020.

Promote cooperation and exchange
The CYBATHLON as a platform supports the research, development and implementation of modern assistive technology systems. It is about the question of how well people with disabilities can already be supported in their daily lives by technology and what developments could be made in the future. Therefore, the participants all face tasks relevant to everyday life, such as climbing stairs in an exoskeleton or rolling over uneven ground in wheelchairs. The aim is to promote cooperation and exchange between technology developers, industry and universities with people with disabilities in order to develop assistive systems that are optimally adapted to the needs of their users.

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