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Hanging up washing, getting up off the sofa, laying the table for breakfast – easy for you? Let us show you the challenges that people with physical disabilities encounter as they go about their daily lives.

Try out new assistive technologies for people with disabilities
We have developed our hands-on demos in order to convey the idea behind the CYBATHLON to the public.

The different demonstrations are based on the six disciplines of the CYBATHLON and will be supervised by our partner PluSport, a host institution and the Cybathlon organisers. Guests and visitors will have the opportunity to get to know and test new assistive technology. 

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What do Hands-on Demos look like?

Four people can compete against each other, each wearing a headset to measure their brain activity. To win the BCI race, you have to be able to control concentration and relaxation within your brain.
Electrodes are attached to the visitor’s arm. These electrodes will send an impulse that makes the muscle contract and triggers an arm movement.
To create an authentic experience, visitors are asked to wear gloves to limit the movements of their arms and hands. The challenge will be to grab different objects of a puzzle or to complete the wire loop game.
With the so-called bent-knee prosthesis that is fixed at the thigh, visitors without amputations can try to walk with a leg prosthesis and learn what challenges people with leg prostheses face.
In this demonstration, visitors can test how difficult it is to navigate even small steps or easy ramps.
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