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visitors playing bci game during hands on demos

Allowing visitors to gain deep insights into uses and limitations of technologies for people with disabilitie is one of the main goals of the CYBATHLON Experience.

A new platform for interactive exchange
CYBATHLON Experience is a new format to promote the interaction with the public at fairs, conferences or festivals.

Various presentation options
CYBATHLON Experience can include show races with a limited number of pilots, hands-on demos, pilots presenting their developments and experiences at booths and panel discussions. Furthermore, novel disciplines can be introduced such as freestyle art shows (e.g. dance, play a music instrument, draw or paint with robotic support) or race in different conditions (e.g. outdoor or off-road).


Team Registration

Team Registration for upcoming races at CYBATHLON Experiences or CYBATHLON Series will soon be opened. If you are interessed in participating or would like to have further information, send an email to

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