Powered Leg Prosthesis Race

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During the powered leg prosthesis race, pilots execute various steps and movements. In order to successfully navigate all of the obstacles, they must take careful, precise steps right up until the final task.

Conventional leg prosthetics that include a knee joint are often too heavy and uncomfortable to be suitable for daily use. They are also often “passive” prostheses that are primarily for cosmetic purposes and have few functional characteristics. So-called “active” leg prostheses, on the other hand, can be controlled accurately thanks to innovative technologies. After a leg amputation, motorised prostheses allow users to do things like climb stairs more easily and walk up and down sloped surfaces successfully.

Pilots with above-knee amputations (including through-knee amputations) can participate in the race using any kind of passive or active prosthetic device. The pilots compete on parallel tracks to solve several tasks related to daily life.

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