Powered Arm Prosthesis Race

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Pilots with one or both arms amputated above or below the elbow will compete in this powered arm prosthesis race using prosthetics with any kind of controller.

For thousands of years, people who have lost limbs due to illness or injury have used increasingly sophisticated methods to replicate the function of their lost extremities. In recent decades, the field of prosthetics has made great strides in developing solutions that are no longer purely mechanical.

New arm prostheses are able to transfer the intended motion automatically from the user to the prosthesis (and can even transmit a sense of touch when handling objects). In addition, these new devices are less heavy and, therefore, more comfortable, making them much more suited to daily life.

Pilots compete on parallel tracks to solve several tasks related to daily life. During the race, blue objects may only be manipulated with the prosthetic device. All other tasks allow the use of both arms.

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