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CYBATHLON 2016: Official Trailer (video: ETH Zurich)

Teams compete on courses designed to test how well suited a given technology is to helping its user with everyday tasks, for example climbing stairs or opening doors.

Pilots can compete in the following six disciplines



Brain-Computer Interface Race

In the BCI Race, pilots will use brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) to control avatars in a specially developed computer game.


Functional Electrical Stimulation Bike Race

Pilots with complete paraplegia will participate in this race. They will pedal by artificially stimulating their nerves to produce muscle contraction.


Powered Arm Prosthesis Race

Pilots with one or both arms amputated above or below the elbow will compete in the powered arm prosthesis race using prostheses with any kind of controller.


Powered Leg Prosthesis Race

During the powered leg prosthesis race, pilots will execute various steps and movements. In order to succcessfully navigate all of the obstacles, they must take careful, precise steps right up until the final task.


Powered Exoskeleton Race

During the powered exoskeleton race, pilots with complete paraplegia will negotiate an obstacle course consisting of typical everyday tasks such as climbing stairs or sitting down on a chair.


Powered Wheelchair Race

In this race, pilots with motorised wheelchairs will compete against each other on parallel tracks to overcome six obstacles that are typical in daily life.

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