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CYBATHLON 2016: Inside the Competition (video: ETH Zurich)

Behind the scenes, planning for the next CYBATHLON, under the umbrella of ETH Zurich, has been taking place since the successful premiere in October 2016: The CYBATHLON will continue!

Reflecting advances in research
The six disciplines from CYBATHLON 2016 (Brain-Computer Interface Race, FES Bike Race, Powered Arm Prosthesis Race, Powered Leg Prosthesis Race, Powered Exoskeleton Race, Powered Wheelchair Race) will remain in the programme of CYBATHLON 2020. The tasks will continue to be relevant to everyday life, but will reflect advances in research.

Team Registration

Team Registration for upcoming races at CYBATHLON Experiences or CYBATHLON Series will soon be opened. If you are interessed in participating or would like to have further information, send an email to

Photo Gallery

Catch up with happenings at the CYBATHLON 2016 and have a look at some impressions in our Photo Gallery.

Event planned as a two-day programme
This continuation will come in 2020, but this time the CYBATHLON will be planned as a two-day event. Breaking up the events into two days will give the events more space: On the first day the qualification rounds will take place, with the finals on the second day. Just like in the premiere event, there will be an attractive secondary programme, wherein the visitors can try out the disciplines for themselves and understand the issues surrounding disability in a practical way.

Video Gallery

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere at CYBATHLON 2016 and watch some of our videos in our Video Gallery.

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