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photo of Cybathlon 2016


Under the umbrella of ETH Zurich, the CYBATHLON is managed as a nonprofit project, which aims to break down barriers between the public, people with disabilities and technology developers.

The CYBATHLON is organised as a public event in the form of a championships for people with disabilities or physical weakness using advanced assistive devices including robotic technologies. In several disciplines people with disabilities compete solving everyday tasks.

To promote research, development and implementation of assistive technologies for people with disabilities is one of the main goals of the CYBATHLON. Furthermore, the CYBATHLON aims to raise awareness and to inform the public about uses and limitations of current technologies and assistive devices such as to promote inclusion and equality of people with disablities in everyday life.
These objectives are pursued in particular by exchange with technology developers at the CYBATHLON Series and with the public at  CYBATHLON Experience events.


Photo of Cybathlon 2016


The CYBATHLON, a unique worldwide platform, aims to support people with disabilities in their independence through the joint development of assistive technologies and sustained public awareness of challenges in everyday activities.

These seven aspects reflect the vision of the CYBATHLON:

  1. Support people with physical disabilities in their independence and sensitise the public to obstacles they encounter on a daily basis.
  2. Advance the development of everyday assitive technological tools, together with people with disabilities
  3. Reduce barriers between people with disabilities, the public and developers
  4. Promote scientific exchange between international researchers from universities and industries
  5. Discuss the benefits and limitations of assitive technology for people with disabilities
  6. Involve people with disabilities in the planning and development of the CYBATHLON
  7. Tell the stories of the people who make the CYBATHLON possible as participants, researchers, organisers or support


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