Registration to Participate as a Team

Reduced Price Registration is now open until May 1st, 2015. To register, please download the Registration Form, save the file, fill it out and send it to

In terms of safety documentation, you may refer to our template and example.

A team is comprised by a technology provider (lab or company) and at least one pilot. You can find information about the rules in the Races and Rules Documentation. If you are a technology provider without pilot or a pilot without technology provider, then please contact and we will inform you about possible collaborations.

Important Dates

Second early bird registration deadline Mai 1, 2015
Application deadline for travel funding for Rehearsal 2015 and Cybathlon 2016 
Application deadline for BCI EEG system (rent for free)
Rehearsal 2015 July 13-15, 2015
Latest regular registration deadline for Cybathlon 2016 May 1, 2016
Cybathlon 2016 October 8, 2016

For more details, please see the Registration Form.


Second early bird team fee (includes one pilot, the team leader, and one supporting person; registration deadline see Important Dates) 1400  CHF
Regular team fee (includes one pilot, the team leader, and one supporting person; registration deadline see Important Dates) (2000 ) CHF
Additional supporting person(s) (per person) 400  CHF
Additional pilot(s) for another discipline(s) (per person)  600 CHF

In case of absence from the Cybathlon 2016 half of the total fee will be paid back. The fee includes services such as review processes prior to the event, two lunches and two dinners for three persons, hotel shuttle service, race entry fee and medical and infrastructural support. For more details, please see the Registration Form.

Travel Funding

Teams from universities and non-profit organizations are invited to apply for travel funding for the Rehearsal 2015 and the Cybathlon 2016 (up to $ 5000 per team). Travel funding will be distributed on a competitive basis. Selection will be based on the quality and maturity of the device technology, the potential risks with respect to function and safety, the experience of the technology provider, and the origin of the team (less developed countries will have an advantage). To apply for travel funding, please see Registration Form.

Advantages as company:

  • You can support a participating racing team as developer or as sponsor
  • You will get large presentation surfaces to brand your company on equipment, banners, clothes, booths, etc.
  • You can present your company on an accompanying fair via booths and product demos & shows

Advantages as research lab

  • Present and disseminate your research to the general public
  • Meet other teams, research labs and companies
  • Get some travel funding, if you submit the early bird registration before December 31st

Collaboration possibilities